Science Behind AroniaX

AroniaX Immune Support Supplement is a food supplement jam-packed with polyphenols that have been widely researched by medical and nutrition scientists for their positive effects on health.

What is AroniaX?

Two studies have already been carried out using AroniaX. In the first, research showed an important influence on the reduction of the negative effect of intense training on active athletes.

A significant reduction in the level of free radicals was accompanied by an increase in antioxidant potential, alongside a significant increase in the number of red blood cells and levels of haemoglobin.

The second showed a positive effect on the prevention and therapy of metabolic syndrome and heart protection. This included the ability to lower blood pressure, improve glucose tolerance, attenuate pathological liver alterations and oxidative stress.

While additional research is ongoing, AroniaX Berry Shot is already part of the wellbeing routine of some of the world’s top athletes.

What are Polyphenols?

Polyphenols are plant-based antioxidants widely recognised as beneficial for health.
Studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effects of a range of different polyphenols, their role in fighting a wide range of diseases and their benefits for gut health and insulin regulation.

One particularly interesting area of study is their role in aiding recovery from exercise and AroniaX has already undertaken clinical trials to explore this area. AroniaX is helping to add a sufficient dose of polyphenols to your diet, to keep it healthy and balanced on an everyday basis.

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Who’s behind AroniaX?

AroniaX Immune Support products have been developed by Pharmavita, a UK-based company which develops innovative food supplements and nutritional products designed to help people live life to the full.

All Pharmavita products are made under Good Manufacturing Practice standards at state-of-the-art medical grade facilities.